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The Top 10 of La Maddalena's restaurants - our favorites

After a day of sunbathing and a restorative shower there is nothing better than finishing the day in front of our favorite dish and a glass of good wine. There are many restaurants and pizzerias to choose from. Below you will find our places of the heart, the spots where we go with friends and where we like to return for the food, the service and friendship of the staff. When booking do not hesitate to mention that you are guests of the GRONDONA family at the Cala Francese residence; being excellent customers ourselves should also reserve the same treatment to you :)

Pescheria da Sette Otto

  • Where is: Cala Gavetta Tourist Marina (Outdoor)

  • Type of cuisine: fish and raw seafood

  • Atmosphere: informal and captivating.

  • Why go: fish is always very fresh and cooked with wisdom;

  • Favorite dish: fish tartare, fregola (type of Sardinian pasta) with seafood;

  • Average price per person: 50/60 euros per person including wines;

  • Tip: as in all the restaurants on the island it is necessary to book at least the day before in high season - being near the port we recommend bringing a jacket, it could be fresh in the evening

Ristorante L’Avventura

  • Where is: Lungomare Via Amendola (indoor seats in the room and in the gazebo)

  • The atmosphere is that of an elegant place - the staff is professional and ready to fulfil your every request

  • Type of cuisine: seafood with typical dishes of tradition of Maddalenina revisited and enriched by the imagination of two young cooks from near Naples;

  • Why go: a wide selection of raw and cooked seafood appetizers and first courses, a list of very rich wines and bubbles

  • Favorite dish: Paccheri with swordfish and aubergines, lobster linguine, warm and cold seafood appetizers dentice and sea bream;

  • Tip; Ask to try the Vermentine Lagrimedda, one of the few with free-to-foot lives - ie not affected by the philosera that forced European farmers to mix the local vines with American plants. A mineral and sapid wine, perfect for fish.

  • Average price: 60/70 euros per person

Locanda da Lio’

  • Where is: Central area near the church (seats in the room and outdoor)

  • The atmosphere is decidedly informal, the location in the alley at the back of the entrance is captivating and remembers the trattorias of the sea cities

  • Type of cuisine: typical sea dishes and land dishes of the Sardinian tradition

  • Why go: excellent value for money, the young local Chef gave a exquisite Mediterranean footprint to the menu;

  • Favorite dish: spaghetti with seafood; octopus salad ; gratin mussels;

  • Average price: 50 euros per person

La Vecchia Ilva

  • Where is: Historic Center on the Municipality Piazza

  • Atmosphere: the waiters will cuddle the guests in a friendly and informal atmosphere;

  • Type of cuisine: all dishes of typical Sardinian cuisine from the main courses to desserts

  • Why go: you can't leave without tasting the typical dishes of our region: simple dishes but with a strong character

  • Favorite dishes: Sardinian gnocchetti with wild boar sauce; porcetto roasted (to order); Seadas (fried raviolone with honey); And don't forget to order a bottle of Cannonau the strong wine like the Sardinian spirit.

  • Average price: 40 euros;

Ristorante Blubay Marina

  • Why go: a kiosk in which you can put your feet literally in the water - perfect for a drink at sunset, a dinner by the sea or a lunch break near the beach.

  • Atmosphere: chilled and relax, with a magic view by the sea

  • Type of cuisine: Mediterranean, fish dishes and raw seafoods - Let yourself be advised by Fancesca, Stefano and the staff on the freshest dishes of the day

  • Tip: it is the nearest restaurant at the Residence Cala Francese - enjoy a short walk from your apartment to the small bay of Nido d'Aquila.

  • Average price: 30/40 euros

Paninoteca e Griglieria Su Bandirus

  • Where it is: Historical Center near the Garibaldi column (outdoor seats only);

  • Atmosphere: it is that of a trattoria where you can find yourself sitting with friends and spend an evening in joy between a glass of good wine and a laugh;

  • Type of cuisine: meat, meat and still meat that the patron Eraldo gets from his village in the inner part of Sardinia and then salami and cheeses (all strictly sardinian)

  • Why go: excellent value for money,

  • Favorite dish: all grilled meat cuts

  • Tip (for those who love to experiment): ordered reefea or cordula (skewers prepared with lamb interior)

La Locanda Del Mirto

  • Where it is: inside the island, in open countryside, but easily reachable; The seats are indoors, in a vast room, but also in characteristic isolated gazebos and destined to groups of people;

  • Atmosphere: the atmosphere you breathe is those relaxed with an out-of-door restaurant;

  • Type of cooking: A large fireplace, always on, makes us immediately understand what kind of dishes are on the menu. The types of meat proposed varies from te lamb and the Sardinian porcetto, In addition to meat you can enjoy very intriguing local dishes.

  • Why go: it's a place to find dishes that we will hardly taste elsewhere, moreover, the location is very captivating and is also suitable for families with children, the staff is very professional and Sandra, the owner, will be ready, with a smile, to satisfy every request;

  • Favorite dish: All first courses, porcetto

  • Average price: 50/60 euros (if not exaggerated in drinking)

  • Tip: if you are in a group, I would advise you to ask a gazebo in advance (tables covered in small kiosks in the middle of the lawn) link

Ristorante Magreta

  • where is: in the center near the town hall square

  • atmosphere: seats both indoors (not recommended) and outdoors.

  • Type of cuisine: especially fish based dishes. Pasta seafood, never trivial, archipelago fish that a Sicilian chefs prepares according to recipes borrowed from the tradition of its land; delicious sweets and home made pastries.

  • Why go: the main reason to go to Magreta is the offer that comes from the kitchen and the pleasure of staying in the historic center of the village

  • Favorite dish: seafood risotto; risotto with cuttlefish ink with burrata and red shrimp of Mazara;

  • Average price: 40/50 euros link

Ristorante Zi Anto

  • Why go: a terrace overlooking the sea in the archipelago

  • Type of cuisine: Mediterranean, fish-based dishes and bruschetta gourmet

  • Favorite dish: octopus salad and Catalan cream

  • Average price: 30/40 euros

  • Tip: during a nice evening you can come around sunset time and relax sitting on the cliffs behind the restaurant, where you can enjoy a crazy golden hour, chilling on comfortable pillows and refreshed by the drinks prepared by Enrico and his staff

Pizzeria Ma e Ma

  • Where it is: Not far from Cala Francese inside the Hotel Ma&Ma

  • Atmosphere: the room is very well maintained within an elegant and reserved context; seats only indoors, air-conditioned.

  • Type of cuisine: pizza and focaccia of all kinds

  • Why go: pizzas are prepared with excellent quality ingredients made directly from Naples and chosen personally carefully from Manila and Mario owners

  • Favorite dish: giving advice in the choice of pizza is useless because everyone has his tastes and usually always chooses the same pizza

  • Average price (for beer / coca and pizza): 18/20 euros

Pizzeria Il Gabbiano

  • Where it is: A few hundred meters from the historic center

  • Type of cuisine: Pizza

  • Why go: the location by the sea, spectacular, makes a greatest pizza even better;

  • Seats: indoors in a room with large windows overlooking the sea, but also, on request at the time of booking, outdoors, with feet in the water.

  • Average price (for beer / coca and pizza): 14/17 euros link

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