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A special day in the islands with an ancient sailing ship

Updated: May 21, 2023

One of the most beautiful experiences to have in the La Maddalena archipelago is certainly the trip to the wild islands that make up the national park. It is an archipelago of 7 islands, 6 of which are uncontaminated where you can visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. There are several solutions to reach the islands but our favorite is certainly to spend a day on one of the historical sailing ships, the pride of the local fleet. These are boats from the early 1900s, enhanced by local navigators and equipped with a unique charm. Below we will tell you a typical day on board the boats of the group, managed by some brilliant Maddalenini Commanders - my trusted crew when we want to give us a special family trip.

The experience

If you don't like to be crowded on a "bus of the sea", as the tourist passenger boats are often defined, this is the right option: the guests of the sailing ships normally never exceed the 12 people, in order to guarantee comfort and safety.

The sailboata

A golet to fall in love with, the Veliero Vittoria is a vintage boat about 15 meters long, equipped with all comforts for guests including sunders, bathroom, lunch table and tender to reach the most hidden coves.

The crew

Composed of two members, a captain and one chef. Riccardo and Leo: they know the sea of ​​the archipelago like their pockets and will do everything to pamper you and make your experience unique and unforgettable.

The departure

The trip lasts an average of 8 hours starting from 10 until around 18. The departure takes place from the pier where the sailing ships are moored (near the city center and ferries).

Visit to Porto della Madonna

Spiaggia Rosa, The Islands of Budelli, Razzoli, Santa Maria.

After a crossing of about 40 minutes, where the crew often set the sails by giving guests the thrill and magic of a small regatta of other times, you arrive at the first scenic spot. The splendid Porto della Madonna, a crystalline mirror of water enclosed between the islands of Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria and which constitutes one of the most beautiful pearls of the National Park. Once the anchor is thrown in the most crystalline mirror of water , the crew will be at your disposal with the tende to show you the beaches and the most secret corners of the bay. In the meantime, Leo and Paul will prepare the aperitif and lunch. This location is also perfect for snorkeling and seeing the seabed and fish.

The serivce

On the sailing ships you can enjoy a complete experience, not only admiring the beauty of the sea but tasting typical local products. The refreshment includes an aperitif from the land (Sardinian sausages, ham, pecorino cheese, carasau bread) and from the sea (oysters and crudités), a first based on fresh local fish, a snack and fruit. Everything is paired by the excellent Vermentino (typical local white wine), myrtle and other alcoholic beverages. Have you ever tasted an oyster or spaghetti with the astice by this sea? I assure you that it definitely has another taste!

Visit to the island of Spargi

After lunch you can relax on the sundecks of the master bridge of the sailing ship, while the captain will bring the boat through the mouths of Bonifacio in the direction of the island of Spargi. Spargi is our favorite island and location of some of the most fascinating beaches of the park. Depending on the wind, the stop will be in Cala Corsara, in the shades of ancient rocks modeled by the wind or at Cala Granara, magical with its fine white sand..

The photos speak for themselves, but if you want to live an unforgettable experience in the single frame of the archipelago, you cannot miss this amazing trip. PS: for numerous groups, you can ask the crew to organize the pick-up at the Cala Francese Residence. You can contact Veliero Vittoria @ via their site or @ +390789370727. Don't forget to say that you are guests of the Grondona family and we are sure they will treat you like friends.

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