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The Top 5 Beaches on the Island of Caprera - The Ranking of the Most Beautiful Bays.

Caprera Island in the La Maddalena archipelago is a paradise for sea and nature lovers, with many white sandy beaches and crystal clear water to explore. Each of these beaches has its own personality and unique characteristic. Here is a list of our favorite bays and some tips for organizing an unforgettable day at the beach.

Visiting Caprera Island is a unique and unforgettable experience. With its wide selection of pristine beaches, the island's natural beauty will not disappoint visitors. Make sure to plan your trip carefully and enjoy the experience of visiting one of Sardinia's gems.

Things to know and how to get to Caprera Island from Residence Cala Francese: by public transport, car, motorbike, bike, boat.

In general, it is advisable to plan your trip carefully and refer to a map of the island to ensure that you do not miss the main attractions.

  • By car: If you have rented a car and have small children with you, this is definitely a convenient option to reach the island. It is important to keep in mind that during the high season and especially in the month of August, Caprera is subject to heavy tourist traffic that causes parking and traffic problems. For this reason, the Municipality of La Maddalena has decided to establish a traffic block starting from the Stagnali junction. Usually, the maximum capacity saturation occurs around 11:30 in the morning, so if you plan to go to Punta Rossa, Relitto, Due Mari, and Cala Andreani beaches, it is better to set your alarm clock early in the morning! If you want to take it easy and find the barrier that prevents you from passing, you can leave your car in the appropriate parking lot and take a walk or wait for the bus to pass. A smart choice could be to come back in the afternoon around 4:30 pm when most tourists begin to leave the island, and the guarding officers reopen the barrier allowing other vehicles to enter this part of the island.

  • By motorbike or scooter: A highly recommended option, both for ease of parking and for the narrowness of some passages where two cars can hardly pass at the same time. Motorbikes are also not subject to the vehicle block for the Punta Rossa area. It is important to know that some of the roads, especially those in the isthmus subject to traffic restriction, are not paved and can be quite challenging to navigate for less experienced cyclists.

  • By bike: If you are a sports enthusiast or want to take a nature hike, you can choose to reach Caprera Island by bike. Our advice is to also consider factors such as the heat and the fact that there are several uphill sections that can make the route more challenging. A good solution could be to rent an electric bike from one of the many shops in the center of La Maddalena, such as 189 Garage or Nicol Sport.

  • By boat: This option is certainly one of the most fascinating and provides a unique experience. It is particularly recommended to rent a dinghy or choose a guided sailing trip to visit Cala Coticcio or Cala Napoletana, two beaches that are quite difficult to reach on foot.

  • By bus: Choosing public transport is the most environmentally friendly and also the most convenient option, especially in high season. You should keep in mind that the bus does not cover the entire island but has the last stop at the Due Mari beach. You can take the bus directly from the Garibaldi Column stop in front of the ferry landing.

#1 - Cala Coticcio also known as Thaiti Beach

  • Why go: Also known as Thaiti Beach, Cala Coticcio is one of the most famous beaches on the island. Surrounded by granite rocks, this bay offers crystal clear waters and fine white sand. It is well protected from the northwesterly winds, while being a bit more exposed to the east.

  • Things to know:

    • Due to the many tourists who used to visit the two small sand tongues of the bay, in recent years the beaches have undergone a process of erosion that has forced the Park to put the beach under maximum protection, creating a closed number system and making the beach accessible only under the supervision of an authorized guide.

    • If you want to book a guided tour, it is best to do so in advance and know that the path to get to the beach is very steep and of medium to high difficulty - one of the authorized guides is Simone Sotgiu who you can contact at +393471848689.

    • The bay is also accessible from the sea, but the water in front of the beaches is delimited by tarred cables that prevent boats from reaching the shore - you can still swim there. We recommend that you take into account the current, the wind, and your fitness level before attempting the crossing.

  • Accessibility:

    • Difficult access for those with walking difficulties

    • Difficult access for strollers and small children

  • Exposed to which wind: East

  • Pro tip: bring a mask, snorkel, and some bread to enjoy the spectacle of occhiate, small fish that are not afraid of the presence of bathers and will surround you by jumping out of the water to snatch a piece of bread.

  • location: maps

#2 Cala Napoletana Beach

  • Why go: This white sandy beach is located in the northeastern part of the island. Surrounded by rocks, it offers crystal-clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling. Cala Napoletana is well protected from the Mistral and west winds, but it can be a bit exposed to the Libeccio.

  • Things to know: You can get there by both land and sea

  • Accessibility:

    • By sea, accessibility is quite easy, and once the boat is anchored, you can easily swim to the beach.

    • By land, it can be reached with a 30-minute walk from the Candeo trail parking lot. You can follow this route.

  • Exposed to what wind: It is quite protected from the west wind and other winds.

  • Pro tip: Once you arrive at Cala Napoletana, we recommend taking a last bit of the trail to visit Cala Crucitta, a less-known but very charming bay.

  • Location: maps

#3 Relitto Beach

  • Why go: located on the western part of the island, the Spiaggia del Relitto (Wreck Beach) takes its name from the remains of a wooden merchant ship from the early 1900s that is submerged in the sand. The beach is surrounded by granite rocks sculpted by wind and sea.

  • Things to know: umbrella and canoe rentals are available.

  • Accessibility:

    • there is a small, easily passable path from the road to the beach, taking about 2-3 minutes to walk.

    • the beach is potentially accessible for wheelchairs. The bathroom is equipped with a special chair with wheels suitable for the sand.

  • Exposed to which winds: protected from the Mistral and Westerly winds, but may be exposed to the Libeccio wind.

  • Pro tip: you can enjoy some spaghetti with mussels or an ice-cold Ichnusa beer at the Chiosco Poldo Beach, located just behind the beach.

  • Location: maps

#4 Cala Brigantina Beach

  • Why go: Cala Brigantina is a less known beach compared to the other beaches on the island of Caprera, but it is very charming and offers crystal clear water and unspoiled nature. The beach is exposed to the Mistral wind, while it is sheltered from the east wind and the Libeccio.

  • Things to know:

    • It is a restricted area and requires the support of a guide to be visited

    • It is very frequented by wasps, so we recommend bringing a stick for stings and enjoying your sandwich immersed in water to avoid being chased by insects

  • Accessibility:

    • It is difficult for those who have difficulty walking, and it can be reached with a 20-minute walk on a rough path downhill/uphill.

  • Exposure to wind: Little exposure to the west wind, exposed to the east wind

  • Pro tip: It is strongly recommended to visit the abandoned Poggio Raso military battery since the early 1900s. A piece of military history that impresses with the beauty of its view and the many granite tunnels where the cannon ammunition was stored that you can visit... if you're not too scared!

  • Location: maps

#5 Cala Andreani Beach

  • Why go: One of our absolute favorite beaches. It is a ridge of very fine and white sand shaded by a small Ajaccio pine forest, overlooking a bay of crystalline water with a shallow seabed for several meters from the shore.

  • What to know:

    • It is only possible to park in the indentations of the road, otherwise you will be fined by the police. You must therefore park only on the left side of the white road coming from La Maddalena.

  • Accessibility: the beach is accessed by parking the car on the white road and walking for a few minutes on a dirt path through the bushes. Not suitable for people with reduced mobility or in a wheelchair.

  • Exposure to wind: Levante, Scirocco, Grecale.

  • Pro Tip: Arrive early in the morning to ensure the shade of one of the beautiful Ajaccio trees that line the beach.

  • Location: maps

Bonus #6 Due Mari Beach

  • Why go: it's a white isthmus of land that connects the main body of Caprera to the Punta Rossa peninsula. The two sides of the isthmus are bordered by two white sandy beaches overlooking two crystal-clear bays. Hence the name "Due Mari" (Two Seas).

  • Things to know: the larger of the two beaches is easily accessible by car, although parking is limited during high season. You can also easily reach it by bus, getting off at the end of the line "Due Mari". The beach has a "premium" bathing establishment. The average cost is 40 euros for two beach chairs and an umbrella. It's highly recommended to book in advance to secure a front-row spot. Sometimes the beach can be "invaded" by algae, which are part of the natural habitat of the coast and therefore cannot be removed as per the National Park Authority's ordinance.

  • Accessibility:

    • parking is available on the roadside

    • accessible with special sand tires for wheelchairs

  • Exposed to what winds: east (levant), south (scirocco), north-east (grecale)

  • Pro Tip: enjoy a cocktail at the beach kiosk, but be aware that the bill could be quite high, around 20 euros for one drink.

  • Location: maps

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